Welcome to the official website for the POS Open Golf Outing held in Mesquite, NV!

Dates for our 2015 Trip – Sept. 23rd – 28th

(Complaint Department for the handicaps and calculations is 636-443-1999, ext. 1015)

History of the Mesquite Golf Outing

Approximately 15 years ago, a small group of compulsive golfers, Gary Lindquist, Jim Randall and Bernie Brader, made a trek to Las Vegas to play some desert golf. During one of their rounds, they met a guy that suggested that they try some of the courses in Mesquite, Nevada and St. George, Utah. The following year, they ventured northeast about 80 miles to Mesquite and started what has now become an annual event for golfers, drinkers and degenerate gamblers alike. The group started with 4 and for several years hovered between 8-16 attendees. About 2000 or so the group started to expand as the trip became more popular. In 2006, we topped out with 72 total golfers. Our last trip (2014) had 48 or so total attendees with a couple last minute cancellations, and we expect our next trip, in September 2015 to be even larger.

Overview of the Trip

This trip is all about fun and excess. Golf is the excuse, but the golf shouldn’t be taken too seriously, unless of course you over extend on your side bets. Between the golf, the drinking, the gambling and fun, this can be described as the ultimate “guy trip”.

The trip is scheduled annually in mid to late September to take advantage of the lower golf fees available at that time of the year. We try to shoot for a Wednesday evening thru Monday night. We try to accommodate as many scheduling conflicts as possible. All attendees will make their way to Las Vegas to meet and load into vans for the trip north to Mesquite. Once in Mesquite we check in to the Casablanca Hotel and Casino. The Casablanca is comfortable resort with most of the amenities that you can find at the large Vegas properties. Golf is scheduled either in Mesquite or 40-50 miles NE in St. George or Hurricane, Utah. Scheduled golf is played on 4 days with Sunday non-scheduled and used for relief and non-golf recreation. All golf is handicapped in some manner to even out the wide variety of golf skills, and to make the golf betting fair for all. (Some will dispute that) The last day on the trip, golf is usually played early in the AM to allow for enough time to travel back to Vegas for your return flight home.

The cost of this trip is remarkably low, if you take out the gambling factor. We’ve been successful in keeping the trip between $650 and $700 exclusive of your room, spending money and gambling stash. The $650-700 usually covers, airfare (from STL), van and 4 rounds of golf at courses that are as nice if not nicer than any you’ve probably played. The room expense has always been pretty low. This past years room expense was around $180 per person, this year (2015) the rates, excluding taxes and “resort fee” are $39.00 (S-TH) and $69.00 (F-S). We plan on collecting approx. $70 for golf bets for 4.5 rounds. Betting results from last year will be posted on the bottom of this page.

The trip is very organized with most of the details worked out and paid for in advance. Each room will have 2 guys, although a few guys roomed alone last year, each van will have 4 riders, and each rider will have specific duties. You will need to pick a driver, co-pilot for navigation, a money man to collect and distribute golf gambling bets and a beverage manager to keep all well lubricated. Each attendee is given a complete packet with golf schedules, tee times and all pertinent information.  Due to the variety of arrival schedules and the return schedules of a few of the guys, structured van groups don’t work for all.

2015 Trip Details

With all the issues surrounding collection in advance for all the fees, we have moved to program whereas you pretty much do your own travel scheduling, room and transportation reservations. The only prepaid expense we collect is the golf fees.

We’ve booked September 23rd – 28th as the firm date for this year’s trip. A total of 35 rooms are reserved. Transportation and golf has not been booked. The Mesquite area and the casino industry across the board is pretty devastated due to the crappy economy, so we are usually one of the larger groups staying at the Casa.  Last year our trip coincided with the Long Drive competition, so there were a few more than normal. We expect that the Casa will be open for biz for us and that rooms will be reserved as needed. Initial contacts have been made to ensure this. We had discussed changing the trip dates to allow for more golf in Mesquite, but all the courses are usually closed or not barely payable due to overseeding, so we will probably playing most golf in Utah as in the last few years.

  • Airfare

    Airfare will be your responsibility to book unless you’d like Dan to do it for you. Dan will book airfare for any of those that would like to send in a a desposit in advance. Most of the group will fly out of STL to Vegas on Wednesday afternoon, the 23rd on Southwest non-stop flight leaving STL still to be determined. We arrive in LV Wednesday afternoon. We plan on returning a non-stop SWA flight still to be determined on Moday the 28th. There are usually other flight options on Wednesday and returning on Monday. I assume like in the past that the bulk of our group coming out of STL will be on the main flight. Any option is fine assuming you are ready for golf Thursday AM and able to play until 1:30pm or so Monday.

    Southwest is now booking airfare for September, so you can book your option of choice.  As of now the Non-stop options are as follows:

    Wednesday Departure Non Stop Flights from STL:

    SWA 3046 6:50 AM

    SWA 501 10:00 AM

    SWA 357 2:40 PM (Large Group out of STL) arrive in LV at 4:15 PM

    SWA 110 5:35PM

  • Vans

    This past year (2014) we handled vans on an individual basis as opposed to prepayment and group reservations. This was partially due to specific deals some guys had using travel credits or business comps. This seemed to work out well, so we will again require each foursome to schedule and pay for their own vans. No prepayment or deposit will be necessary. Hopefully some of you will have travel credits that can be used for your van.

  • Golf

    All the scheduled golf requires prepayment at least 45 days before departure. Many of the courses require full payment in advance, hence we need full payment in advance to cover our golf reservations. We are shooting for courses that will not be over seeded and will allow carts in the fairways, unlike last year. So we expect to be playing mainly in Utah, but that won’t be scheduled until late spring or early summer.

  • Hotel

    Rooms are usually shared with a roommate of your choosing. This year, I’m aware of 4-5 guys that will room by themselves, which is fine. The cost of the rooms are usually shared between the roommates. Many of us get rooms fully or partially comped depending upon casino play. It is an individual choice to use your gambling comps for your rooms, food, spa or whatever. Your room needs to be reserved in advance under our group number and must be reserved no later than August 23rd or you won’t have a room. If you get a free night coupon from the Casa, please be aware that you can’t use the coupon with our group rate, so you’ll need to decide what works out best for you.

  • Gambling

    Upon arrival at the Casa Blanca, you should get a players card from the “Play it Again” booth. Whenever you play slots or table games, you should use your card. This will get you comp credits for use as you see fit. The last couple of years, the comps have been spotty at best.. Keep in mind that the comps are based on volume of cash in and play, so don’t feel obligated to gamble just to earn comps. It’s not worth it. If you are going to work the comp system, do your best to get noticed early and start that dialogue with the pit boss or supervisors.

  • Suggestions

    Any suggestions to help us enhance and improve the trip are always appreciated. Stay tuned for regular updates and details concerning the 2015 POSOpen.

  • Questions and Comments

    Contact the “webmaster”, def@epcusa.com (put MESQUITE 2015 in the subject line).

Email is the best way to get information distributed to the group, but if necessary you can get contact phone numbers from any of the regulars on the trip.


Here are some links to the Casa Blanca and some of the courses we have played: